Sarah Laree Designs || Custom Wedding Stationary Made Simple

My name is Sarah Mitten and I am in love with all things creative! Whether it is appreciating another's art or creating my own, I am all about that. There is something so special about creating something from nothing that tells a story or communicates something about you that you can't express in any other way. It's exciting and challenging and I learn something new every time. It is so rewarding to create something for someone else that perfectly matches the vision they came to me with, who they are, and their needs; especially when it is for one of the most important events in their life, revolving around the love they have for one another. In that way, it is a privilege to play a role in the preparation of a wedding.  

When Iā€™m not designing wedding stationery, I love working with lots of different clients, from entrepreneurs to musicians, as they work hard to bring their dreams to life. Whether its designing a logo, brand images, social media graphics, etc., there is something so rewarding about helping someone bring into existence something they have been giving their all to. Each project is a brand new challenge and an amazing opportunity to be a part of creating something new. Check out the Graphic Design page to see my graphic design portfolio.

I can't wait to help you as you tie the knot with someone you care about more than any other, or as you strive to bring a different kind of big dream to life!