Sarah Laree Designs || Custom Wedding Stationary Made Simple

My name is Sarah Mitchell and I am in love with all things creative! Whether it is appreciating another's art or creating my own, performance or visual, I am all about that. There is something so special about creating something from nothing that tells a story or communicates something about you that you can't express in any other way. It's exciting and challenging and I learn something new every time. Those are all things I love about design work! It is so rewarding to create something for someone else that perfectly matches the vision they came to me with, who they are, and their needs; especially when it is for one of the most important events in their life, revolving around the love they have for one another. In that way, it is a privilege to play a role in the preparation of a wedding.  

When I'm not designing or doing something else artistic or musical, I enjoy spending a lot of time outside in the mountains, on the beach, camping, snowshoeing, and much more. I love it all!  I can often be found involved in a pick-up game of volleyball, ultimate frisbee, or some other sport giving it my all. I love the feeling of Christmas and the thrill of an adventure. I love springtime, green grass, and the sound of birds. But my favourite by far is the beauty of close relationships with family and friends; they are the most dear to my heart out of everything in this world. I can't wait to help you as you tie the knot with someone you care about more than any other.